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Hi there!

Martin MaldenI’ve been lucky enough to have lived, visited or worked in more than 25 countries (I think it’s actually 28).

I grew up in Rhodesia (they call it Zimbabwe these days) and went to university in South Africa.

More details on that here and here.

In 1977, I moved to England from where I made many visits to different parts of the USA and numerous European countries, for work and/or for pleasure.

Then, in 1995, I moved to Hong Kong from where I’ve worked on projects throughout Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Hong Kong Island is ridiculously crowded (particularly for someone who grew up on a farm in Africa!) and the level of ambient noise is both high and incessant – it gets to you after a while.

So, some years ago, I moved to a small place on Lantau Island.

This is the view from the flat where I’ve lived for the past few years (it’s a lot quieter and much less crowded!):

View across the bay

It’s not an image that many people think of when Hong Kong is mentioned, but it’s peaceful and only a 30 minute ferry ride to Hong Kong Island.

I have been very lucky to have seen and experienced so many different places and cultures!

About this site

While I am, of course, delighted to welcome all visitors, I would expect that this site will be most interesting to people who, like myself, are in the 40+ age group.

Those who like to travel, but who’s back-packing days are behind them..!

I have designed this site very much with the mobile user in mind.

The emphasis is on simplicity, freedom from distractions, with quick page-load times, and simple, clear navigation.

Hopefully you can get around with ease, but I’d be delighted to hear any suggestions for how it could be made more user-friendly – let me know!

Many of my more recent travels have been made in the course of the consulting projects I have done, and the explorations I get up to over the weekends.

All those projects took place over several months, which gave me the weekends during which I could get out and about.

I like to walk as much and as far as I can when I’m in a new place and, in doing so, I often come across things that are ‘out-of-the-way’ and usually delightful.

Also, of course, because I live in Hong Kong, Asian locations feature heavily here.

Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly as many pictures as I wish. Before the advent of camera phones, capturing images of interesting places meant lugging around a camera (often pretty bulky) and, in the early part of my life, using rolls of film.

I’ve never been a great picture taker anyway – I have to remind myself even now with a camera phone. But in the days when I had to remember to take a camera (which, for a long time I didn’t even own) – well, no chance!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of the places I’ve covered here, and I do include as many pictures as I can (or have!).

If you have any questions or thoughts on anything I’ve written about, do please ask in the ‘Comments’ area below each post – your question (and, hopefully, the answer!) may help others.

And if you’re looking for something to do why not test your knowledge with one of these quizzes!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your travels, wherever they may take you!

Martin Malden

Martin Malden
The Expat Traveller