Enjoy a Day Trip to the Beautiful Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu

I was in Cebu recently when a group of us visited the Kawasan Falls, near Badian.

Badian turned out to be about a 3-hour drive from Cebu City, where I was staying. It’s only about 120 Kms, but the traffic on Cebu is heavy and the roads are narrow, with limited overtaking opportunities.

Here’s where Badian is in relation to Cebu City:

Map of Cebu Island, Philippines

We drove south, roughly following the eastern coast line to Carcar City. We then turned right, across the island to the west coast, and on south to Badian.

There’s a parking area at the entrance to the falls and then it’s a picturesque 15-minute walk to the falls themselves.

This is shortly after setting off:

Walking to Kawasan Falls

And further along:

On the walk to Kawasan Falls

Even though it was December, the temperature was into the low 30s and the humidity was high!

The water, however, was cool (pretty cold, actually) because it comes down from the mountains:

Downstream from the Kawasan Falls

And eventually the falls come into view:

Kawasan Falls

When you get to the falls there are picnic areas and Barbeque pits but, thankfully, while there were other people there, it wasn’t very crowded.

And I think I was the only foreigner there.

Many popular tourist destinations in the Philippines attract tourists by the thousands, mostly from China and Korea, but there did not appear to be any at the Kawasan Falls that day.

I guess it’s off the beaten track, at least for the tourists, because it’s a 3-hour drive from Cebu City.

In this picture you can see people on rafts going under the falls. We did that too, and I can tell you the water comes down heavily and it’s very cold..!

Rafting under the Kawasan Falls

You can’t see them in that picture, but there are ropes strung along the route.

The guides in charge of the rafts use these to navigate the route and move the rafts from the boarding place, under the falls, out the other side and back round to the boarding place.

After our soaking on the raft we climbed up a narrow, rocky path to a point above the falls. At the top there is a pool, which is fed by a second waterfall higher up.

All that exercise had made us hungry so we bought various BBQ ingredients from the vendors there and cooked our lunch.

Then it was just a case of chilling out and enjoying the place – I loved it.

When it was time to go, we decided that, rather than simply retracing our steps, we would continue around the southern tip of Cebu Island following the coast line.

I’m delighted we did – it’s a spectacular drive.

Map of Cebu Island, Philippines

We re-joined our outward-bound route at Carcar City and headed on home.

A great day out – I recommend it if you’re in Cebu City with a spare day.

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Have you been to the Kawasan Falls..? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Martin Malden

Martin Malden
The Expat Traveller

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  • Matt Mar 11, 2020 @ 15:08

    Hi Martin,

    I visited Cebu in 2017 and had some one-day tours to many different spots in Cebu and other islands. I love the way you described Kawasan Falls, and the water looks very clean.

    It reminds me that we ever visited Tumalog waterfall, and it looks the same amazing as Kawasan Falls. We needed to do a bit hiking then arrived in the fall. You would get wet by the mist the waterfall brings when you come closer to see it. The water is transparent and reflecting a light green color (like jade) when I jumped into it. As you said, the weather is hot & humid, but the water is cold since it comes from the mountains.

    Is it safe to go for a swim in Kawasan Falls? I did a bit in Tumalog, but the water is too cold to continue.


    • Martin Malden Mar 12, 2020 @ 7:11

      Hi Matt,

      Yes, quite safe to swim in the lower pool at Kawasan, the one in the picture with the rafts.

      I did not swim in the upper pool, though, so I can’t answer for that one.

      I’ve not seen the Tumalog falls yet – one for the list..!



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